Frequently Asked Questions

Qtrex is the first international fully decentralized BTC platform in the world and on the worldwide Blockchain. Qtrex operates perpetually on a highly sophisticated system comprised of the most

Advanced technology and security available, providing instant peer to peer payouts utilizing algorithms of highly advanced crowdfunding infrastructure. All with no human interference.

Qtrex operates on its own with absolutely no human interference needed. Qtrex developers created the platform to run unitizing next level ai technology that gives full autonomy to the users peer to peer structure flawless system to run without any interruptions what so ever.

Decentralization removes any middle entity, person, or persons from control or possession and conveys directly to the individuals involved.

Qtrex idea was founded by a group of global crypto and technology developers created by the people and for the people and today is owned by the people and for the people world wide

The advantages of Qtrex are endless, trust, honesty, control are some of what makes Qtrex great. You have control the platform is built on the transparent Blockchain, and first to the industry with the #1 Crypto currency in the world Bitcoin, which avoids the issues many people on other platforms are experiencing.

Joining is simple and easy, just need your email address for

Visit the website there are videos that explain everything

It's simple, and it's easy, click the get started button, #1 Pay Trex fee, #2 Select package

Must have sponsor to join

Nothing, your account will never go inactive as long as Trex Fee is paid monthly

As long as Trex Fee is paid you remain active in system

No you must select a package

No, you can only receive and participate at the level you have activated

To maximize Qtrex Opportunity, share the opportunity.

You May receive spill up

There are several options to acquire BTC for the first time, we will update on several.

Qtrex explosive program rewards as you focus and apply effort to achieve your goals

We are proud to provide IQ Bar Support

Yes we are the only in this space to offer IQ Bar Support

We are the first fully decentralized Bitcoin platform of its type. We offer many things NO other platform offers including top notch support, unique compensation plan created to accommodate your personal goals

100% transparent on the BTC Blockchain, 100% decentralised, NO ONE touches your BTC Ever

Main difference is ease of use, more profitability, easy to access your funds, less fees

Yes Qtrex is created for that purpose

Earning potential is Unlimited

No there is NO CAP on earning here

All payments come directly to your BTC Wallet INSTANTLY

When you purchase a package that level remains open forever

There is Absolutely NO risks

If your personal sponsored member has joined a level higher than you this will happen.

Nothing with this one, however upgrade ASAP so you will not be in jeopardy of missing more.

NO you will never lose a personal sponsored member, however you can lose a commission or pass up if you are not active and qualified at a level they are.

Follow me means in the 1x3 Matrix when you cycle you instantly follow your sponsor into their matrix.

Yes, Absolutely. Qtrex is the first International Global Decentralized program of its type ever.

If Trex fee isn’t paid unfortunately you will become inactive and any and all commissions will roll up.

All payments MUST be made in One transaction and can NOT be broken up into multiple payments. Important, You must make sure that the wallet you are paying for the selected Package has enough in it at the time of Purchase. The system will Not recognize partial payments and NO one will be able to provide service to assist you. If this occurs, then you must simply return with the correct amount in your wallet to secure your package.

Sorry, NOTHING can be done, all transactions are one direction peer to peer. Be sure to ONLY send the exact amount + your own wallet and mining fees and to ONLY send them once.

Qtrex it's not a smart contract by name as most ETH programs, but using same concept of decentralization, transparency as your transactions are on the world BTC Blockchain, and all transactions are 100% Peer to Peer.

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